Welcome to Ahliyyah & Mutran!

A Letter From Our Superintendent

The History of the world offers us vast examples of unique educators, we learn from our past, we live our present, and we create futuristic Educators. The world is an Ocean of diversity, being wise means diving into diverse cultures and learning to reveal truth about the others and to totally accept and respect others to become better human beings and thus better educators.

We owe it all to our educators and staff. Their strive for excellence academically, culturally, socially, and environmentally is what makes our schools a beacon of enlightenment and education in the region. We cannot thank them enough, but we know our heads of schools, program coordinators and student support leadership team do so daily!

A School of Spirit & Soul|Integrity|Humaneness|Openness|Generosity|Empathy|Kindness|Love|Inclusiveness|Dedication|Social Justice|Commitment

We believe that genuine learning is learning that has an impact on students, where it focuses on the metacognition, productivity, creativity, and intellect of our students.

We do not seek mere meaning, but rather the deeper meanings behind inquiry. We are not only concerned that our students read literature and history, and know the laws of natural sciences, but look far beyond this, where our students have the capacity to probe into the depths of what they know and critically process it.

As a school, we have gone beyond textbooks and school premises to experience the glories of the world. We aim to co-construct knowledge, peace, and compassion; and deconstruct any traces of sectism, hatred, and exclusion. Our dreams are limitless, and we shall not put a halt to them under any circumstances.

We shall continue to dream and create the change we want. We shall continue to sow the seeds of goodness and hope wherever we tread. And we shall continue to crack walls to allow light to seep into the crevices of the soul, and expel the ghosts of ignorance and despair. For we are a representation of humans, humanity, Mother Earth, and justice, and we shall continue to nurture life in all its shapes and forms.