90 Years Young

Ahliyyah & Mutran's History

We rise today as a school that has evolved over the course of 90 years, out of two pioneering schools that have witnessed our beloved Jordan's birth and the progress of its modernity. We embrace our roots, envision a bright future, seek to explore new frontiers, and set out to expand our horizons.

The Ahliyyah School for Girls

Established in 1926 by the Christian Missionary Society based in England, the school opened its doors with 25 students and a small number of teachers dedicated to the educational process involved in empowering the young women of Jordan. The school soon developed into an academic and cultural landmark which came to reflect the highest standards in Jordanian society. The Ahliyyah School for Girls remained faithful to national ideals while maintaining an international perspective. In 1957, the Arab Episcopal Church in Jerusalem took over the administrative responsibilities of the school, furthering its raison d’etre: to empower Jordanian women with knowledge and therefore choice.

The Bishop's School for Boys

Established in 1936 alongside its sister school, The Bishop's School for Boys is considered one of the oldest schools in Jordan. To date, the school has graduated many students who have become leading members of the local and international communities. The Bishop's School for Boys was created under the notion of servicing the Jordanian public by contributing to the social and intellectual empowerment of its future generations. Utilizing the most effective educational tools, the school endeavoured to raise individuals who make a difference, instilling in them a love for education, development, and effecting change in their respective environments.