Action & Service

Community Engagement at Ahliyyah & Mutran

Our Schools strongly believe that for knowledge to have value, it needs to be put into action and serve communities to advance humanity. Within that context, community engagement and service learning are important channels for linking knowledge with action and merging theories with practice. We believe that learning should be within the context of our communities, hence learning expands beyond the walls of our classrooms, where students connect with and relate knowledge to community, nature and culture.

Key values that underpin our engagement with the community are openness, oneness, generosity, equity and justice. Our schools seek to build relationships with the community that are equal, reciprocal and mutual, leading to an engagement that is productive and relevant. Led by such principles and values, our community engagement programs and initiatives promote active citizenship as well as community-based, sustainable, and home-grown solutions. The values, knowledge and skills are a gradual build-up towards the continuum of education, which starts with early years and evolves as the students move from one academic year to another.

Community Park Project

The Community Park project aims at re-designing and activating a public park in Jabal Amman, at the heart of the city and adjacent to our schools, through a participatory approach with the local community, stakeholders in the area, and relevant professionals to the project’s objectives and components, hence ensuring collective ownership and sustainability.


The Ahliyyah & Mutran's Eco-council team is a group of dedicated students working on a holistic school plan for serving the community and saving the environment.

Voluntary School

Our voluntary school operates on Fridays, during which we open our doors to children from public schools residing in the neighborhood. Our students offer children support classes and assistance in English, math and other school topics, as well as conduct a variety of sports and life skills programs.

Time Bank

Time Bank is a student platform for exchanging services among school community, helping to develop one’s weaknesses through another’s strengths, hence transforming our school into one united thriving community.