Ahliyyah & Mutran's Team

The history of the world offers us vast examples of unique educators, we learn from our past, we live our present, and we create futuristic educators. The world is an ocean of diversity, being wise means diving into different cultures and learning to reveal truth about the other and to totally accept and respect in order to become better human beings and thus better educators.

We owe it all to our educators and staff. Their continuous strive for excellence academically, culturally, socially and environmentally is what makes our schools a beacon of enlightenment and education in the region. We cannot thank them enough but we know that our academic leadership team, program coordinators and student well-being team do so on a daily basis!

Student Well-being

Dr. Alice Aboud

Following her passion to understand human nature through the literary arts, Dr. Abboud pursued her first two degrees in English Language and Literature from the University of Jordan. She started her career as an English Language and Literature teacher at her own alma mater, the Ahliyyah School for Girls (ASG), where her love for English and Literature was first sown. A few years later, Dr. Abboud assumed leadership of the English Department and started advancing in her career. In 1997, she became Head of the Secondary School, then Associate Head of School in 2005, and Head of School in 2008. During this time, Alice pursued her doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Northcentral University in Phoenix, Arizona, and wrote her dissertation on ASG as a center for female empowerment through progressive quality education (2014).

Dr. Abboud has worked extensively as an educator and played an instrumental role in the accreditation and running of Ahliyyah and, its sister school then, Mutran, as IB Continuum Schools (PYP, MYP, DP and CP) as well as in the ultimate merger of both schools. Throughout her career, Alice was focused on cultivating a life-long love of learning in students and helping them become self-directed, responsible, and ethical global citizens. Alice was equally committed to creating a collaborative environment within the school, developing faculty and staff, and availing opportunities for their personal and professional growth.

Being a strategic thinker, Dr. Abboud, in her capacity as the Superintendent of Ahliyyah & Mutran, is working with the school family and stakeholders today on leading the full merger of both schools in order to better serve the students and the local community. In alignment with her mission of bringing people together to create a ripple effect of goodness that transcends all barriers, Alice is also serving today as the Chair of the Jordan Association of IB World Schools (Jo_AIBWS).

Dr. Abboud brings with her more than 35 years of experience in education and leadership; nonetheless, she is first and foremost a feminist who firmly believes that equality for women is key to a better life for all. She is also a believer in the ultimate goodness of human beings and their ability to serve and preserve life in all its forms.

Ms. Rania Shami

Rania Shami received her BSc Degree in Physics from the University of Jordan and had held several General Sciences and Physics teaching positions until she joined Ahliyyah & Mutran in 2002. Since then, Rania taught the IGCSE physics curriculum then moved to the IBDP Standard and Higher Levels curricula for 13 years showing exceptional communication skills with students, parents, colleagues and upper management. Rania was involved in every detail of the school's journey to adopt the Middle Years Program - MYP - as part of its academic offerings to students. Once the implementation of the MYP program started in 2015, Rania was appointed as Principal of the Middle School. In 2022, Rania was appointed as the Principal of High & Middle School.

Rania is a devoted, enthusiastic and wise leader who strives to improve students’ social, emotional, academic and intellectual abilities. She also works with and supports teachers in facilitating each candidate’s personal and professional growth by creating an atmosphere of open communication and mutual respect.

Ms. Razan Jouaneh

Razan Jouaneh holds Master’s Degree in Counseling and Preventive Mental Health from Creighton University as well as a BA in Psychology from the University of Jordan. Razan started her professional career at UNDP, working on outreach programs with local communities. Then she moved to UNICEF Regional office, where she stayed for nine years working in the child protection, education and health departments. Believing that social change starts in the classroom, Razan decided to work directly with children and students as a student counselor in 2013 and two years later, she joined the Ahliyyah & Mutran team where she still works as the student counselor and head of student well-being today. During her years at Ahliyyah & Mutran, Razan has continued to pursue and further develop her education and knowledge. She completed her masters degree during this time, as well as a Post Masters Online Certificate Program in Advanced Assessments and Diagnosis from NYU.

Ms. Rana Shaban

Rana joined Ahliyyah & Mutran in 1992 as a first grade Homeroom teacher and since 2002 she has held the position of the Head of Elementary Section and the Head of Al-Kashef Center. Believing in inclusion, Rana aims to provide services through Al-Kashef Center to students at school. This center has set a great example for other educational institutes to follow. Being the passionate educator and life-long learner she is, Rana acquired additional roles in the IB as she is a workshop leader, visiting team member and consultant for the PYP Program.Rana has led several workshops in and outside Jordan for both IB and non-IB curricula. Throughout her years of experience in the educational field, Rana has attended a wide range of workshops and participated in many conferences to develop professionally as an educator and a leader.

Ms. Nisreen Farah

Nisreen is a graduate of Ahliyyah & Mutran and has been working at her alma mater since 2002. Nisreen started her career as a science teacher in the elementary section, as well as a support teacher for grades 4 and 5. Nisreen then held the position of the PYP Coordinator from 2015 till 2018 when she was appointed as the Head of Primary School in the boys’ section. Nisreen is a passionate educator who attended multiple workshops and conferences related to education as well as the new practices in learning and teaching. In 2015, Nisreen was trained to become an IB-PYP Workshop Leader and had led several IB workshops. In the following year, she became an IB-PYP School Visit Team Member and an IB-PYP Consultant. Nisreen thrives on strengthening the school's positive impact on our students’ educational experience and supporting them to accomplish their goals.

Ms. Rawan Bisharat

Rawan Bisharat holds a B.A. degree in Child Development and she entered the world of children to train at a kindergarten. Her passion to work with children soon led her to work as a kindergarten teacher for 2 years. Rawan started studying to obtain a Master's degree in psychology and therefore needed to work at an NGO in order to gain the needed first-hand experience in Educational Psychology. Rawan then worked as a school counselor and joined Ahliyyah & Mutran in a similar position in 2011, where she was the primary section counselor, keeping the students' and teachers' well-beingat heart. Rawan presented several workshops to teachers as well as to parents on several topics related to parenting and psychology. Rawan now holds a Master's and a PhD in Educational Psychology in addition to her degree in Child Development, giving her the suitable blend of expertise and education to lead the kindergarten department at Ahliyyah & Mutran.

Ms. Lana Zakarian

Growing up in the Gulf and the United States, Lana completed the IB Diploma Program in high school in Kuwait, then moved to Lebanon, where she received her BA in Education and her Teaching Certificate from the American University of Beirut in 2000. Signing her contract with the Modern Montessori School before finishing university, she moved to Jordan right after graduation and immediately began her teaching adventure. Starting as an English and Social Studies in the Elementary, Lana became the English Coordinator for Grades 1 – 4, and in 2009, the IBDP Coordinator. She joined Ahliyyah & Mutran's family in 2012 as the IBDP Coordinator, and has been successfully expanding our program ever since, enabling us to offer a strong academic program given by a very skilled team, that caters to the biggest IBDP cohort in Jordan!

Ms. Eva Haddad

Eva Haddad is currently the IB Career-related Programme Coordinator at Ahliyyah & Mutran, and a IBDP English B teacher for grades 11 and 12. Eva holds a master’s degree from Al-Yarmouk University and a bachelor’s degree from Al-Albayt University in English Literature and Criticism, and has been an educator for 15 years. Eva started her English teaching career back in 2004, and gained experience in teaching both English language and literature to several grade levels. Since then, she has held multiple positions in the field of education and teaching, and has a vast teaching experience in international programmes like SAT, IGSE, and the IB. In 2017, Eva joined and started her IB journey at Ahliyyah & Mutran as the IB Career-related Programme Coordinator and IBDP teacher. In addition to her field and practical experience in schools, Eva received professional development training in effective learning tools, differentiation strategies, classroom management, instructional planning and instructional techniques, managerial skills and is currently in the process of becoming an IBCP workshop leader and a school team visitor.

Ms. Rania Hammoudeh

Rania’s passion for education coupled with her background in electrical engineering drive her continuous quest of the smart adoption of technologies at Ahliyyah & Mutran. Rania and her team are always searching for new technologies, tools and techniques that can better help teachers inside and outside of their classroom. Believing that technology is an enabler, Rania’s career at the school evolved into including a deep and rooted understanding of vocational education. Rania has been the program coordinator of Ahliyyah & Mutran’s BTec program since late 2015. BTEC is a vocational and work-related qualification, rather than a traditional academic one, it allows students to gain skills and knowledge in their subject area, then put those skills into practice in real-life scenarios. Rania was instrumental in ensuring the authorization of Ahliyyah & Mutran by Pearson’s during early 2016 and the first cohort was enrolled in the program during the scholastic year of 2016 – 2017.

Ms. Abeer Sweiss

Abeer Sweiss received her MSc Degree in Organic Chemistry from University of Jordan and in the year following her graduation, she joined Ahliyyah & Mutran as a Sciences and Chemistry teacher. Abeer had taught the subject she is most passionate about for several years until she assumed her current roles of the Chemistry Coordinator for grades 9-12 and the IB MYP Coordinator at Ahliyyah & Mutran. Abeer is a member of the Pedagogical Leadership team who is responsible for overseeing the running and monitoring of the MYP and its implementation at Ahliyyah & Mutran. As an MYP coordinator, Abeer facilitates training for the school community to build an authentic, engaging, and challenging environment that enables students to grow towards fulfilling their potential and help in making the world a better place through education.

Ms. Rana Amarin

Rana Amarin holds both a B.A. and M.A. degrees in Computer Information Systems. Rana joined Ahliyyah & Mutran back in 2008 as an ICT teacher and Coordinator in the elementary section. Rana worked diligently on designing and developing an ICT curriculum that offers the needed skills to students and is aligned with PYP. In 2015, Rana was appointed the role of assisting the PYP Coordinator for 2 years before she herself became the PYP Coordinator at Ahliyyah & Mutran in addition to her ICT coordination role. Rana is a passionate educator who continuously develops herself professionally by attending workshops and conferences locally and internationally. She also obtained the role of an IB PYP workshop leader in 2015 and has led several workshops in and outside of Jordan. Rana strives to have a positive influence on her colleagues and students and is a living example of what being a life-long learner means.

Ms. Arwa Rabadi

Arwa Rabadi holds a Bachelor’ s Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master degree in General Curriculum from the university of Jordan. She started her educational path by working as a teacher assistant at the laboratory of the chemical Engineering Department in the Jordan University of Science and Technology to support the faculty students to get their learning in report writing, which makes her make the teaching career her goal. Arwa joined Ahliyyah & Mutran in 2013 as a PYP teacher using her experience in various positions of teaching math and science in many schools to be in her current position. Arwa is an achiever and is dedicated to guiding students to reaching their goals through learning skills for their future to be long life learners, as she believes in the importance of connecting the students learning with their real life to improve their perceptions towards different concepts.

Mr. Ahmad Zalat

Having graduated from high school in Palestine, Ahmad Zalat enrolled in Yarmouk University- Irbid to study physics. However, his passion for Arabic language and literature drove him to transfer to the faculty of Arts and graduate with a B.A. in Arabic Language and Literature. Ahmad believed in the significant role of education in creating change, which led him to become a teacher. In 1995, he joined Ahliyyah & Mutran as an Arabic teacher and in 2002, he became the Arabic language coordinator for high school. While on his job, Ahmad joined the university again to earn a Master’s and a PhD in Literary Criticism. Ahmad has also published many literary criticism articles in literary journals and magazines in Jordan. Ahmad supervises the issuing of “Al-Shumou’” magazine, our school’s publication that hosts students’ creative writing in Arabic. He was also editor in chief of “Midad” magazine, issued by the Midad Forum of the Ahliyyah & Mutran.