A School in the Park

Ahliyyah & Mutran's Future

Our new campus is not just another building in a different location. It is a whole new educational experience that we will present to the world after more than 90 years of learning and teaching. We consider our new campus to be a national project that will add sustainable value to our students' lives, our communities, our beloved Jordan, the region and the whole world. We are not replacing our campuses. On the contrary, we are merely creating the third campus that will be yet another extension of our values, our mission, our spirit and our soul.

Defining Our New Campus

True to our school's participatory approach, all of our teachers and team members embarked on a meticulous research process that lasted more than a year! Our aim was to make sure that our new campus will truly capture the essence of what makes our school a school for Spirit & Soul. Before we even began approaching architectural firms, our staff have not only amassed significant research regarding forward looking schools, but were able to visualize what our students', parents' and team members' experience will be at our new campus!

Qualification of Architectural Firms

In order to make sure that as many firms and offices would be invited to our project, we published an invitation on social media to architectural offices, and over 57 firms applied to a preliminary round of qualification in early 2019. With the help of the school's Partner, CSBE, a shortlist of 8 offices were invited to submit concept designs for our new campus. A jury, comprising of renowned local and international experts in architecture and engineering, assessed the designs and qualified 2 of the submitted designs to the school's board of directors to make the final decision. Members of this respectful jury included Emre Arolat, Nabil Gholam, Khalil Fakhoury & Ahmad Humeid.

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Winning Design

After months of deliberations and with the assistance of high profile, local and international architectural firms, the school announced that the winning design was the one submitted by Maisam Architects & Engineers. The design submitted by Maisam Architects & Engineers was able to accurately embody our school’s values, spirit, and culture. Maisam Architects & Engineers also won the world architecture festival Ethics and Value award for the concept design they submitted for the school. Based on their thorough research and understanding of the future of education, Maisam Architects & Engineers were able to create a creative, innovative and flexible design that achieved the strategic direction of our school.

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