Dana Obeidat

My name is Dana Sayel Obeidat a graduate of The Ahliyyah School for Girls year 2004, a mother of three beautiful children Layla, Zein and Sami, and a practicing dentist. Being an ASG graduate I always believed in the vision of the school and the message of empowering young women and men to be part of the society and the world, and the effect it had on my life as I implemented all what I have learned and lived in the school in all aspects of my life, relationships, career, and raising my children. I never saw a limit to what I can achieve and I want that for my children. As for my participation in the Parent Council, I believe it is time to give back to the school the support and time it gave me. I am aware of the school goals and mission and believe in them, and I can offer the time needed to attend meetings and events related to the parent council. In addition, to being able to feel part of the school family again, would be an honor!

Suha Dallal

Tarik Asfour

I believe I can contribute positively to the "Parents Council". I am a firm believer in the system and I have seen first hand the results of the school. I have total respect to the school. It has a special place in my heart for being my first school, my wife's school, my sister's school as well as the school of many of my relatives. My Malak is 41" generation Ahliyyah! I aim to work in conjunction of the school to enhance and close the communication gap with the parents and help develop the school initiatives. I would love to see the school soar in its achievements and create a school-student-parents balanced environment. I do believe I have what it takes to add value through my background and process-oriented mind. I also have extensive teaching experience, I developed courses and taught aircraft performance and flight planning to pilots and flight operations staff. I know what it takes to be on the other side. Now I am retired, and taking care of my kids' homework, so I have the time and interaction to see and discuss matters with the rest of the team. A snapshot of my background: I was born in Amman in 1964, attended KG1 (bustan back then) at Ahliyyah School, then the rest of the school years at the National Orthodox School where I achieved GCE, equivalent to Tawjihi Scientific stream in 1980, plus Tawjihi Scientific stream in 1981. Holder of B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering since 1985 from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1985 and M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering in 1986 from the University of Michigan. Worked as Aircraft Performance Engineer at Royal Jordanian, my last position was Director Technical Support for the Flight Operations since 2013 until my retirement in 2020.

Ramsey Tesdell

I am very interested in being a more active community member of the Ahliyyah and Mutran School. I’ve been active within other areas of the community and now that my daughters are attending A&M, I would love the chance to help and offer constructive feedback, as well as support the school and its staff. Participating in this council will create clear communication channels between the parents and the school as well as actively and constructively engage the community with important questions. We are happy and proud to be a part of the A&M community and look forward to contributing to make it even better

Sawsan Ramadan

A Pharmacist with an MBA degree in Management. Working with Novartis (an International Pharmaceutical Company) for the past 22 years, responsible of different regions in commercial and medical consulting roles highlighting state-of-the-art medical technologies that provide solutions for a wide range difficult disease (Such as Multiple Sclerosis, Kidney and Liver Transplantation, Oncology & ophthalmology & Spinal Muscular Atrophy). Through her career Journey she collaborated with a wide range of Governmental and private institutions in the medical field to develop educational partnerships and practical solutions for a wide range of challenges in the healthcare sector. She established various educational programs for local and global healthcare key opinion leaders to improve the health care chain in terms of diagnosis and disease treatment/management. Sawsan has been a leader with strong coaching, communication, project management and psychology training experiences which contributed to her current long-lasting presence in the corporate healthcare industry. Sawsan would like to leverage her experience and be part of the council to support, plan and focus joints efforts on the best interests of our children. Being part of this group means being the voice of the parents as we build on a culture of sharing feedback to collectively help in shaping the future of our kids for them to excel and lead. This council is a great testimony that we all play an important role in partnership with our great school.

Nour Aburagheb

It would be my honor to serve on the PC and get the chance to give back to the community I have been a member of since 1985 as a Kindergarten student, now as a parent. I strongly believe in the power of partnership between schools and their parent community, and I believe my understanding of the school’s needs and parents’ priorities and my extensive experience and expertise in education will allow me to positively contribute in making it a stronger partnership and having both sides work more effectively together to continue providing our children with the highest quality of learning experiences.

Ohoud Kamal

Ohoud Kamal is an assistant professor at the American University of Madaba (AUM). She has a Ph.D. in urban planning from Newcastle University and a March in Urban Design from University College London. Her public engagement is rooted in working with various stakeholders on various projects in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. In Jordan, she is a volunteering public space consultant on the project of بيتك وسع in collaboration with Greater Amman Municipality and Ahliyyah & Mutran school, was on the I-Sustain organizing committee at the German Jordanian University, Marketing committee at GJU, and of Head of Graduation coordination team at GJU.

Jeeda Samaan

My name is Jeeda Samaan, I am a Food Safety and Quality Assurance Consultant, I have 17 years of experience in my and in 20151 established my company Click Management that provides consultation services in different fields. I am a lead auditor in 5 Quality and Food Safety Management System as well as a certified trainer from UK for all levels of food Safety. I am a certified Business Coach that support businesses and startups in the fields of quality, business planning and feasibility studies. Due to this background and experience I believe i can add value to the PTA by improving any policies and procedures as well as creating standard operating procedures when needed to enhance the environmental and educational conditions. Another role is to build a channel between parents and schools higher management in addition to be the sound of every parent in the meetings to reflect their needs and concerns. As well as support students and involve them to be part of the schools community to understand the program better. I aspire to initiate a social committee that will engage parents and students to help any student in need and last but not least, I would like to organize and create many voluntary work initiatives for the whole school to showcase our students the importance of giving back to our communities.

Reem Hawatmeh

I’m Reem Hawatmeh, RCMP Program Coordinator at the Canadian Embassy of Amman, mother of two (Natasha and Jamil) having a BA in Translation and a Masters Degree in International Trade. I believe in Active Cooperation between the two main elements in our kids journey of life ( parents and school) to raise a successful and pioneer community for the future.

Nancy Abuhayyaneh

حاصلة على درجة البكالوريس في الهندسة المدنية من الجامعة الأردنية, بدأت مشوارها المهني في أمانة عمّان الكبرى كمهندسة أبنية وتدرجت في المناصب الى ان وصلت إلى مديرة تنفيذية للثقافة. عملت كمدير في القطاع الاجتماعية ووضعت سياسات التنمية الاجتماعية في أمانة عمّان وقادت مشاريع المبادرات العالمية مثل مبادرة المدن الصديقة للأطفال والمدن الصديقة لكبار السن. عملت مستشارة لعدة منظمات عالمية, مدربة ومستشارة دولية في مجالات تنمية وتطوير الشباب وتقييم برامج التعليم وتدريب المعلمين والادارات المحلية, وبرامج التنمية واليافعين وحقوق الطفل ودمج المجتمعات المحلية. كاتبة في الشأن الاجتماعي وقضايا المرأة والشباب.

Majdi Qubti

مجدي قبطي والد طالبين في المدرسة أعمل صاحب مؤسسة النتاج و بيع التحف الشرقية ، ايماني في برنامج الدراسة المعتمد من قبل المدرسة قوي جدا ، و أني على يقين أن دور األهل مهم جدا في المعادلة التربوية . و من هنا اتوقع من مجلس االهالي أن يكون حلقة وصل بين المدرسة و باقي االهالي ، حيث أن التواصل هذا مبني في البداية على الثقة المطلقة في الجهاز التعلمي ، و أي مالحظات يكون هدفها تصحيح أو تطوير المسار لما له خير ألبنائنا الطلبة .كذلك يكون دورنا دور مساند لألداره التعلمية في حال اقنضت الحاجة . و بأعتقادي ان وجود مجلس األباء له دور مهم ايضا اليصال هموم و أراء االهالي ، و متابعتها

Reem Abuokab

Reem AbuOkab is a motivated senior management professional with over 20 years of experience influencing performance through skillful development, enhancement, and orchestration of strategies and solutions that streamline operations, drive productivity, and reduce total operating cost. Reem currently works as Deputy Director – HR at GIG - Jordan. Reem has a bachelor degree in computer science from University of Jordan and a master degree in MIS from Indiana Wesleyan University -US. She also, holds the PMP (Project management professional), PHR (Professional Human Resources) certificates, SPHRi (Senior Professional Human Resources), CII Certified Insurance, and Diploma in CII. Reem believes in working together as parents and school staff to share knowledge and experience to have better students, schools, and communities.

Razan Irshaidat

I have Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology and a Master’s degree in Educational management both of which have helped me greatly get to where I am in my career; and as a parent, I aim for the best education for my children. I believe that all thoughts and ideas are subject to discussion. I believe myself to be a well experienced high-school educator with hands-on method in providing appealing lectures for my students. In addition, I am responsible for training and guiding other teachers towards learning modern teaching practices and methods. I find myself successful in planning, evaluating and revising course material and methods of instructions further leading to the enhancement of the overall capabilities of my students. I take myself accountable for developing a thorough evaluation system to help me weigh students’ learning patterns, behaviors, etc. I am proud to also mention that I have been participating in academic and administrative committees that deal with institutional policies, departmental matters and academic. Out of my educational experience and parental hopes; I wish I can serve you with all my potentials

Amani Jebril

I am a pharmacist with +25 Years’ experience in leading positions in private and public pharmaceutical sectors in Jordan, UAE and Saudi Arabia. I am adequately aware of A&M educational, environmental and future plans by being integrated with both schools throughout my 3 children for the past 7 years. Being a stakeholder with knowledge of school capabilities and both families and students’ needs; I can provide major positive contribution and input for best benefits of all parties

Odeh Haddadin

I’m a business development professional with over 15 years of experience in both regional and international companies. As a business developer, I possess proven experience in entrepreneurship and holds a BSc. in Software Engineering. I’m an enterprising executive leader with a penchant for accelerating business growth. I also have entrepreneurial experience as I co-founded my own business “The Opzets Design House”, a digital agency where I supported clients like Yahoo for the Middle East market. I’m currently holding the position of Digital Business Sector Manager under a World Bank Group funded project at the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship reporting to the World Bank, the Minister and the project director, working on supporting youth, gig economy in local underserved communities and the small and medium size businesses in the ICT sector.

Bissan Alkhitan

Bissan Khitan is the country manager of LIXIL EMENA. While her background is in Mechatronics Engineering, her leadership skills have exceeded her professional practice. Khitan worked with UNISEF as a facilitator towards ethics in dialogue, a facilitator at the Jordan's Children's Parliament with the Jordanian Women's Union and was a Member of the Arab Children's Parliament. These leadership and communication skills were further strengthened by the various training she has undergone including leadership, communication, and presentation training that all contributed her ability to facilitate successful discussions and management of social situations

Joseph Alashram

I currently serve as Financial Planning & Analysis Director of Umniah Mobile Company since April 2015; I have over 18 years of experience in corporate finance, ranging from budget and financial analysis, management accounting, product costing, and strategy related tasks. I have acquired and built up a solid finance experience through serving as a Senior Financial Analyst at Umniah Mobile Company, one of the leading telecom companies in Jordan, and had a print in budgeting and management accounting processes. Then joined as a Finance Manager at Darat Jordan holdings, a public shareholding company that focuses on investment and financial services and real estate development; I accomplished this objective by setting up a finance department from scratch, after that I joined DAMAMAX, one of the leading ISP companies in Jordan, as their Corporate Finance and Strategy Manager.

Shahla Azar

Shahla Al-Karadsheh Azar, a proud mother of Akram Ehab Azar (Grade 4, Primary Years Program), is a strong believer that actions speak louder than words and is committed in a true and honest partnership with Ahliyyah & Mutran School Administration to ensure transparency, open channels of communication, integrity, consistency, and holding each other accountable for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders in our school. Ms. Al-Karadsheh holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and has 23 years of professional experience in human resources, operational management, organizational structure, and development.

Alaa Abbasi

Alaa Abbasi graduated from the Bishop's school in 1988. A lawyer and legal advisor with more than 30 years of experience working with many institutions and organizations including the World Bank and the National Payments Council. Holds an LL.M in international business law from University of Western Sydney in Australia and an LL.B from Mutah University in Jordan. A board member of the Bishop's school alumni for many years. Participated in many events to support the school and believes in its value and importance to our society.

Jolie Saheb

جولي الصاحب, تخرجت من مدرسة راهبات الناصرة, ثم درست الإدارة العامة واللغة الفرنسية في الجامعة الأردنية, ومن ثم التصميم الداخلي في جامعة SAE. أم لخمسة أولاد بدؤوا مسيرتهم مع المدرسة منذ أكثر من 20 عاما. لطالما شعرت بأني فرد من أفراد مدرسة الأهلية والمطران. أعتبر المدرسة عائلتي, لقد قضيت فيها مدة طويلة جدا. الحياة المدرسية هي بلا شك واحدة من الذكريات الجميلة والمميزة لكل طالب ولكل أم وأب. تربطني علاقة جميلة بجميع المعلمين والمعلمات والأمهات. شخص يحب المتابعة وأهتم بالتفاصيل. فقد شاركت بكل ما يخص المدرسة. السر وراء تفوق أولادنا على النجاح هو المدرسة. إن المدرسة المدرسة تلعب دورا أساسيا وفعالا في تثقيف أبنائنا الطلاب وتعزيز قدراتهم. أحب أن أكون جزءا فعالا في مجلس الأهالي وأساهم بشكل دائم في تشجيع الطلاب والأهالي.

Tareq Krayim

Holds an engineering degree from Clarkson University and currently he is an Associate Faculty at Cranfield University School of Business Management in the United Kingdom assigned to Leadership, Business Strategy, Innovation and Customer Centric Transformation. Enthusiastic professional with more than 20 years of experience in different organizational and cultural challenges, had the opportunity to help organizations in multiple sectors across MENA region with a focus on developing their employee capacities, perform different organizational development programs, work culture transformation and customer experience management. As an enthusiastic trainer in personal development, helped individuals to build their leadership core skills thorough different leadership programs within the private and public sectors with the focus on transforming people into leaders for a high performing teams. On a different level, companies utilize his experience to transform the organization into more customer centric culture with a focus on strategy alignment to customer expectations. Have worked with employees from all functions within different sectors including finance, human resources, customer service, innovation, business support, IT, legal, sales and marketing. His core expertise in culture transformation focus on creating innovative mindset within the work culture specifically in the process and service design that meets customers needs and expectations for an outstanding customer experience. Tareq works on building executives leadership capacities that meets the world new dynamics known as VUCA world, he is the first certified practitioner in VUCA canvas within MENA region licenses to assess organizational work culture and readiness to face the world fast changing pace and challenges. Integrating leadership capacities in business strategy training is one main area of strength area where Tareq can capitalize on to assure positive outcomes and impact on individual and corporate level. Have executed work in UAE, KSA and Jordan covering multiple sectors include transportation, telecom, health care, retail, FMCG and governmental sector. Delegates over the past 20 years speak about Tareq as the facilitator who transfer knowledge into action during and after the learning session. The most heard words from trainees is: impact and positive change. His passion and personal values goes beyond the training session seeing delegates build on the knowledge and rippling positive effect on others within the workplace and the community.

Mohammad Khayyat

Masters of Business Administration from Oklahoma City University. Bachelor of Sciences, Electrical Engineering from Yarmouk University. Energy and Environment Management Consultant for Renewable Energy, Environmental Management Systems, and Waste Management. COO, Nasser Investment Group, plc. in Amman, Jordan. General Manager, Jordan Tobacco and Cigarettes Company, Plc.

Hala Hijazeen

It's my pleasure to join such a reputative group in order to enhance the relations between us parents and the outstanding school as yours. I am a mother of two teenagers, Issa 10th grade and Tamim 9th grade. We moved to Jordan after an extended stay in Qatar we have checked many IB schools, and we settled on the Bishop School for Boys which was indeed the right choice. I used to be an English and a French Language and Literature teacher, I have great passion to have direct communication with students.

Nisreen Qatamish

A visionary social development and health policy leader in the MENA region, Nisreen Qatamish currently serves as Director General and CEO of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF), Jordan’s largest healthcare NGO. In this role, Mrs. Qatamish’s responsibilities include broadening global awareness of the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) and its mission to save lives and alleviate suffering caused by cancer, leading the Foundation's annual fundraising efforts, maintaining patient services, educating communities about the importance of early detection and championing equal access to comprehensive cancer care for all Jordanians. Her vast understanding of the complexities involving local and regional affairs, health, youth and women empowerment, have brought a unique and creative prospective to her work which have led to pioneering initiatives such as the scaling-up of the Cancer Care Insurance Program. A thoughtful communicator, Mrs. Qatamish remains at the forefront in developing a sustainable national cancer insurance policy program and is presently advocating for its adoption by the relevant stakeholders in Jordan.