Learning Spaces

The school has a safe, supportive learning environment with a simple, yet well-equipped design that supports the development of responsible, digital citizens. Students will then have a positive attitude towards learning through being rooted and open to their surroundings and beyond.

Co - Teaching

Our school adopted a co-teaching system where teachers share the responsibility for lesson planning, implementation and assessment. This system enables us to give individual care and attention to our students. All teachers, including specialists (English language, Drama, Visual Arts, P.E. and Music) meet to build up the shared conceptual understanding related to the central ideas they are working on. Teachers are passionate and lifelong learners who believe in the school’s mission and are well trained to nurture students’ agency by giving them the choice, voice and ownership of their own learning and supporting their well-being.


We believe in creating confident communicators and therefore, strongly believe in multilingualism. The language of instruction used in the grade levels K-5 is Arabic, yet we support students to also develop their English language as well as the additional language of French in the grade levels 1-5.


If your child walks to the beat of a different drum, he/she might appreciate music classes. The Music Department provides a holistic approach to music theory, teaching everything from music appreciation and history to instruction on learning how to sing or play a musical instrument. For example, your child can learn to play the recorder or take part in the choir.


Does your child have a flair for the dramatic? He/she might jump at the chance to experience what the Drama Department has to offer in conjunction with the Counseling Department. Involvement in drama can stimulate the creativity of students in many ways. It can provide an outlet for self-awareness and energy.

Visual Arts

The art department is a great way to let out the Picasso in all our students. The students learn basic art mediums such as painting, drawing, pottery and sculpture. As the students advance, so does their art. Each medium and work is taught within an educational context. At the end of each year, all the finished artworks are collected and displayed. Student work is also entered in various local and international art contests.

Physical Education

Being fit and staying healthy is an important part of our students’ education. We want them to be knowledgeable about their bodies and health. Therefore, our P.E. Department provides a number of classes that combine fitness exercises with fun, educational opportunities.

Class Performances & Presentations

Students in KG2 celebrate their graduation from the KG in an event where they demonstrate their learning and development. Their stage performances vary between sketches, plays and songs that relate to their units of inquiry. Students in grades 1-3 collaborate with their teachers to plan and prepare for their classroom presentations. Grade 4 students choose topics of interest related to their units of inquiry and create presentations to perform. Parents attend these to celebrate the development of their children.

The PYP Exhibition

Students in grade 5 celebrate their transition from PYP to MYP through the exhibition. Students collaboratively work in groups and are engaged in planning their own unit of inquiry according to their interest. Through the exhibition, students stress on certain issues or problems and come up with actions that can help solve these issues locally or globally. At the end of the unit, students present their understandings and actions to the school community to celebrate their success.

After-School Clubs

Our collection of after-school clubs supports student development and offers them the chance to practice their interests. The school offers the following for the levels K-5 such as: ballet, gymnastics, football, basketball, track and field, French Language, drama, choir, band, art, chess, U C MAS, robotic, coding and Dancing Classrooms. Involvement in these clubs helps students shape their personalities, develop self-confidence and discover new talents and interests. Each club caters to a particular hobby, so students improve their social and communication skills in addition to their leadership abilities. Joining these clubs is optional and there are extra fees according to the club chosen.

Dancing Classrooms

Dancing Classrooms is a program offered for our grade 5 students where they attend valuable lessons in teamwork, dignity, etiquette and respect. We are teaching children life lessons that build self-esteem and interactive social skills all wrapped around ballroom dancing.

Parents’ Role

We believe that parents are our partners in the learning and teaching process, they work with us preparing the 21st century learner and are an essential part in our learning community. Therefore, our school has an open door policy, where we welcome the perspectives parents bring as well as their contributions, believing in the richness this adds to our learning community. Parents have different opportunities to be involved in the life of the school.

Information & Communication Technologies

The ICT Department develops internationally-minded citizens who are able to make ethical choices while acting with integrity and honesty in a globally connected world. We empower students to investigate ideas, communicate findings, collaborate, innovate solutions and be responsible for their own learning through purposeful technology use and creation.