Future Preparation

Comprehensive Counseling

The University and Careers Counseling Department at Ahliyyah & Mutran is a comprehensive department that prepares students as they embark on their next journey upon graduating from high school.

Through the University and Careers Counseling Department, students are helped to determine the next four years of their life — where they’re headed, what they want to major in, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and what they aspire to be in the future. Students are guided through the process to streamline their interests and passions and to grow as individuals. Our work starts with students from Grade 9 as they start choosing their IB subjects up until Grade 12 when they start applying to universities according to the ethos below.

Our most precious assets are our students; we are fully dedicated to each and every individual student and aim to provide them with the best advice to help them achieve their aspirations.

University Counseling

We work with students and their parents to help gauge their interests and to empower them with tools and guidance to enable them to make well informed university choices. Each student is designated a counselor who helps them through the application process. Our work includes, but is not limited to:

Working hand in hand with each student to help them through their university search and selection process helping them compile a list of perspective universities depending on their interests, location preferences and most importantly the best-fit schools for them while keeping in mind each student’s academic, emotional and financial capabilities.

Careers Counseling

Beyond helping students with university applications, we believe in the importance of exposing students to the different career options they have and the new upcoming fields of study.

To expose students to as many careers as possible, we organize an annual careers day where we host over 40 professionals from different fields to talk to our students about their journey, their respective careers and provide them with advice for their future.

Additionally, we value the importance of practical experiences as they complement what students learn theoretically. We organize an annual job fair, where we also host professionals from different industries to offer internships and practical experiences for our students. Through the job fair, students prepare a CV and go through an interview process to get the internship they desire.