Prevention & Intervention

Student Wellbeing

The well-being department at Ahliyyah & Mutran is devoted to augmenting and reinforcing the social, emotional and physical wellness of our students and our staff. We use a two-pronged approach of data-driven prevention and intervention to achieve this goal.


Our prevention strategies are focused on developing intrapersonal and interpersonal awareness and skills in our students, fostering positive relationships amongst them, and between students and teachers as well, and on cultivating a sense of belonging to our school and community. We also develop strategies for key social/emotional issues at the different academic stages. This is done through a comprehensive well-beingprogram that is delivered along a continuum of learning (K-10). These endeavors are supported by clear policies and procedures which have been developed and implemented by the school. The department acts as a focal point for well-beingactivities and initiatives within the schools, by providing a cooperative mechanism, synchronizing and coordinating the efforts of the various individuals, sections, and departments that actively contribute to this cause.

We continuously strive to build the capacity and knowledge of staff to enable them to deal effectively and positively with the different age groups, keeping our educators abreast of the latest international research developments. The department also organizes and holds constructive conferences and workshops and hosts high caliber motivational speakers, often inviting parents to benefit from these sessions. Curricula, activities, programs, and campaigns all contribute to creating an atmosphere infused with positive energy and empowerment, fostering empathy, resilience, and learning in our students.



Our team of qualified professional counselors provides support to students who require their help and they administer screening tools to identify students who may need social or emotional support as necessary. They offer individual counseling using cognitive, behavioral and/or solution-focused approaches, depending on student needs. The services they offer follow the most up-to-date international standards, maintaining confidentiality, and the ability to refer parents and students to qualified professionals outside the school when needed.