Why is the merge happening?

The merge is happening to achieve our vision: which is to evolve into a Co-educational, Holistic Model. While Ahliyyah & Mutran have always been sister schools, we began our merge in 2008, uniting under one Board and one Superintendent. We are growing in number and adapting to meet many changes and challenges – educational, organizational and/or our students’ needs, but we know that our strength is in our unity. We, Ahliyyah & Mutran, share our resources and we maintain our leading edge and mission of empowerment, as we have been doing together for many years already.

Why are we moving/changing location?

While we will forever cherish our current campuses, our reality is that we are growing and our current space(s) are getting a bit tight, in addition to traffic congestion in and out of the area. A new campus in an open space will help us provide our students with better facilities, newer educational experiences and spaces that are conducive to learning. Jabal Amman will be our first home, but like our children, that leave home to spread their wings and explore the endless possibilities the world has to offer, we are moving campuses to allow us to do the same.

When will the merge happen and how?

While we are aiming for a full merge between the next 4 – 5 years, all good and well-thought-out things take time, and our merge is no different. The first phase of the move is expected to be in 2023.

Where are we moving to?

The heart of Amman is growing full, so we are taking our heart to the outskirts of Amman, and plan to grow and beat in the openness, along Airport Road/Na'our area, near the International Community School and the International School of Choueifat. Our original campuses will transform into the following: Ahliyyah: an Integral Arts and Humanities College and Mutran: an Educational Museum.