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Our highly qualified and dedicated team of educators are united at their core where service prevails and teaching is an evocation rather than a vocation. Guided by a spirit and soul organization, our teachers thrive in full balance and harmony, separately and together, led by the goodness that encompasses a life dedicated to continuous learning and growth.

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Our Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all employees (staff members, teachers, and administrators), who are required to abide by the below regulations at all times, reflecting the school’s mission and vision through their behavior and interaction with each other.

Our team members are all expected to comply with this code regardless of their own personal beliefs.

  • Attend all meetings that the school holds, when invited, and participate in all the activities that the school organizes.
  • Abide by the school’s rules and regulations.
  • Be punctual to work.
  • Only smoke (cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, etc.) in designated areas and never in front of students. Do not consume alcohol on school premises. Smoking and consuming alcohol is prohibited on school buses, or during the school’s trips or outdoor activities.
  • Represent the school in the local community in a professional and positive manner.
  • Adhere to a professional dress code at school (smart-casual, decent, and modest) and maintain proper personal hygiene, including shaving for men.
  • Arrange your work files/documents in an organised manner.
  • Follow the official school calendar.
  • Actively engage in all school meetings.
  • Do not give private lessons to your students (paid or unpaid), during school hours or after school hours, unless given written permission from the Head of School, or unless asked in writing to do so by the Head of School.
  • Use any school equipment loaned to you by the school responsibly, returning said equipment in very good condition when requested. 10 11
  • Do not participate in any political or extremist religious acts or activities. Do not call for any of the aforementioned activities on school grounds or during school days.
  • Ensure that lost and found items are personally delivered to the Administration.
  • Strictly avoid the following:
    • Bringing any guests to school during school days or holidays.
    • Bringing any harmful goods to school which may result in legal and/or other action.