Learning & Innovation

Cognitive Development

In 2016, Ahliyyah & Mutran partnered with COGx, a Washington-based company dedicated to research and development in applied cognitive science to enhance learning.

This program is an evidence-based methodology used to enhance the cognitive skill. It provides a robust library of proprietary exercises developed by neuroscientists which are customized, technology-free and delivered one on one by a certified professional to enhance core cognitive areas for better learning. The program will strengthen the student’s attention, memory (working memory and long-term memory), processing speed, executive function, cognitive flexibility, critical thinking and metacognition.

At our school students from grades 6-10 are enrolled in the program for a whole academic year, taking 4 COGx classes per week during school hours. We believe it is an invaluable asset for our school and our students to have such a program; aiming to enhance their academic performance.

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