High School

IB Career-related Program

Ahliyyah & Mutran's IB CP

The IB Career-related Program (IBCP) combines academically challenging courses from the IBDP with practical, real-world career-related learning to enable CP students, aged 16 – 19, to become confident, career-ready learners with the ability to manage and influence change with communication, personal, and academic skills necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing world. We have been a CP authorized school since March 2016.

IB CP Curriculum

The unique blend of academic (DP) and professional (CP) study creates a platform that caters to students with a specific career interest in mind, preparing them for higher education or direct employment. Students take three courses from the DP, which complement the career-related studies offered by the school in collaboration with qualified providers, in conjunction to four core components: service learning, personal and professional skills, language development, and a reflective project.

Students take exams at the end of the IBDP course that are measured according to international standards. The career-related studies test the students’ thinking skills by creating purposeful tasks that express full comprehension of the subject, and not only highlight memory skills.

Ahliyyah & Mutran's Experience

At Ahliyyah & Mutran, we believe that the IB Career-related Programme helps our students in understanding their strengths and sculpting their personal and professional skills. The IBCP is an inclusive programme that caters for different students’ needs as it focuses on real-life applications and experiences.

As part of the career-related study requirements students participate in organized visits by the school to different organizations, companies, or institutes for each unit depending on the unit’s objectives. These visits help students in putting everything in the right perspective and understanding how their theoretical knowledge is applied in real-life situations.