School Play

The school’s play is an annual ritual that reflects our mission of empowerment through artistic expression and communication. The play is an experiential journey that the students go through from start to finish. Every year, students brainstorm themes and genres to convey a special message through drama. Then they embark on collectively devising a script through the creation of characters and a plot line. This journey is a unique learning experience they may never encounter elsewhere after graduation, particularly that students are responsible for staging the play by tending to all the elements of a performance. This experience teaches students to be self –reliant, self –managed, and offer them pleasurable times and good memories to keep. In addition, it instils in them a sense of responsibility toward themselves, the school, other attending schools and the community at large.

Art Exhibition

Ahliyyah & Mutran celebrates the Annual Art Exhibition through the spirit of innovation and creativity among our students of different ages. Showcasing and presenting works of excellence of our students from varied and diverse media and practices. We encourage and support young aspiring artists through our annual exhibition providing an opportunity to learn and develop their knowledge through Art appreciation, nurturing empathy, respect, and a strong sense of our community. The exhibition features the IBDP Visual Arts course, showcasing each student’s accumulated course work for the 2- year programme.


CAS stands for Creativity, Action, and Service. Man does not live by “head” alone! Education neither begins, nor ends in the classroom; indeed, essential aspects of learning exist in the world outside. CAS counterbalances the emphasis on academic, individual achievement with experiences that primarily benefit others who need help. Additionally, CAS aims to challenge and extend each individual to develop a spirit of discovery and self reliance; to encourage personal skills and interest; to inspire awareness, concern and responsibility to serve the community.

Student Farewell

Grade 12 students dedicate this special day to bid farewell to their second home. They wear their graduation caps and gowns, take class photos, and parade around the campus, giving students from K – 11 a glimpse of what lies in store for them at the end of Grade 12. The celebrations continue as the Seniors then bid farewell to their teachers, their school family, and watch a sentimental student-created video that summarizes their journey through their years at the Ahliyyah & Mutran.

Student Graduation

Graduation Day is a school-sponsored event celebrating the students’ achievements and congratulating them on completing the first important stage of their life: K – 12. A formal procession allows each student’s achievements to be highlighted, as they are watched and cheered on by parents, family, friends, and school staff.