Ambassadors to the World

Our Alumni

Ahliyyah & Mutran graduates have had a broad and significant impact on the region. They embody the values that the school strives to instill in its students: life-long learning, knowledge creation, initiation of change, responsibility and proactive citizenship which enable them to create a future of their own choice.

Our alumni are part of a local and global community of over 7,000 talented graduates. They represent more than 30 countries and have an impressive record of achievement in research and discovery. OIur alumni are agents of change, ambassadors of humanity and citizens of the world. We value the impact our alumni are making and recognize their global achievement in academic and professional endeavors.

The Ghalia Darwazeh Scholarship for Girls

It is with much appreciation and gratitude that we announce the Ghalia Darwazeh Scholarship for Girls to the Ahliyyah & Mutran community. Ghalia Darwazeh graduated from The Ahliyyah School for Girls in 1984 and remained deeply inspired by the school’s mission to empower girls and young women, helping them achieve their hopes, dreams and potential.

Ghalia revisited her old school three years ago and was struck by its persistent energy and dynamism. Yet what moved her most was the school’s continued commitment to the core values she had been taught as a student, in particular the importance of enquiry and free thinking.

Thus, embodying her school’s spirit and values of empowerment, life-long learning and service, Ghalia generously offered scholarships in the amount of JD 150,000 throughout the scholastic years 2019-20, 2020-21 and 2021-22 to exceptional disadvantaged students grades 7-12 through the Orange Tree Trust with a further JD 50,000 pledged for 2022-2023. Seventy-three girls have benefited from these scholarships to date, with students chosen based on need and academic achievements. The selection criteria, which are determined jointly by the donor and the school, are put in place to enable our learners to achieve their full potential in a holistic and inclusive educational environment.

Filled with determination, love, and hope, may we continue to steadfastly serve our young together, so that they can cocreate a brighter, safer and regenerative future.

The 12 years I spent at CMS were among the happiest and most precious of my life. I only understood many many years later how liberal and ahead of its time our school had been. Not only did the inspiring and unforgettable teachers educate us with flair, humour and dedication, but they also celebrated our individuality and freedom of thought, a rare privilege at the time. It will never be possible to give back in equal measure, but give back we must, as I hope many others will also decide to do.
Ghalia Darwazeh