Watch Us Soar!

Ahliyyah & Mutran's PYP Exhibition

Ahliyyah & Mutran's students going through the Primary Years Programme (PYP), are provided with ample formal and informal opportunities to show the application of all their knowledge, conceptual understandings, skills, and learner profile attributes in the units of inquiry they study. The end of this journey is marked by one example of these opportunities, The PYP exhibition.

In the exhibition, students initiate, design and collaborate while working on their inquiries, where they choose the issue to be explored; develop the central idea; the lines of inquiry; and identify the concepts that will drive their inquiries. They identify the knowledge and skills needed to be developed. Students also set their learning goals and success criteria.

With the guidance of their teachers and mentors, they build the set of strategies and tools to be used. Agency appears in its finest forms when students, self-assess and evaluate their work. throughout the whole process. With their mentors, they meet regularly to share their findings and receive feedback. Students have the freedom to work in groups or individually, but they all play an active role investigating, communicating and assessing their learning in the exhibition and they all have full support from their classmates, teachers and mentors to direct their work.