Adaptive Thinking, Changing Reality

Ahliyyah & Mutran's Yalla Shabab

Yalla Shabab is Ahliyyah & Mutran’s annual youth conference dedicated to empowering our young women and men to take the lead in shaping their future and positively influencing their communities though being actively involved citizens. Each year, the conference adopts a different theme to expose our young people to diverse topics that require progressive thinking.

Ever since its launch five years ago, a myriad of inspirational speakers have joined us both from Jordan and abroad and helped us positively impact many young participants from private and public schools across Jordan. Participating youth had the chance to listen to speakers’ success stories, journeys, and experiences firsthand and to engage with them in creative discussions and interactive workshops.

Last year’s conference addressed the global SDGs (sustainable development goals) and included design thinking workshops to coach students in coming up with innovative solutions to common global challenges. The outcome of the two-day conference was a competition to unearth the most innovative idea and solution for global challenges.

This year’s virtual conference is entitled Yalla Shabab 2021: Adaptive Thinking, Changing Reality and will empower our youth with emerging knowledge and skills needed to adapt to an ever-changing world. In this year’s two-day virtual conference, youth from grades 8 to 10 will attend different sessions facilitated by local and global experts, engage in student-led debates, and listen to panel of experts in online sessions focused on An Integral Approach to Well-being, A New Chapter in Science and Technology and Future Skills to Shape Economies of Tomorrow.